Smart lab hosts two undergraduates as part of the NYSAES Summer Research Scholar Program

Each year, the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, NY hosts undergraduates from across the country for an eight week Summer Research Scholar program that seeks to engage students in research projects focused around one of four areas: entomology, food science, horticulture, and plant pathology.We are excited to take this opportunity to highlight our 2017 Summer Research Scholars, Jennifer Myers and Jubilee Park.

Jenny is a student at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, majoring in plant biology. After graduating, she is planning to attend graduate school in horticultural plant breeding and research. This summer, Jenny is conducting research on the genetic basis of sex determination in shrub willow.




Jubilee is a student at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, majoring in environment science. She plans to pursue a graduate degree in a plant science related field after spending a year teaching English in South Korea. Her work this summer is focused around characterizing pest resistance in a varied population of shrub willow.




More information about the Summer Research Scholar Program is available at