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Check out the Salix purpurea L. v1 reference genome:

Phytozome v11 Genomics Portal
JBrowse Genome Track Viewer

Dr. Larry Smart’s research group together with lead PI Dr. Gerald Tuskan and Dr. Chris Town is directing the sequencing of the genome of Salix purpurea L. at the US Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute (JGI) using next-generation sequencing technology. To complement the next-generation sequencing of the genome, we have developed BAC and fosmid libraries in collaboration with Dr. Chris Town and Dr. Haiying Liang. Transcriptome analysis of different tissue types from the S. purpurea reference has been completed, which has characterized of thousands of new genes in willow. Expanding the genomic resources available for shrub willow (Salix spp.) will not only facilitate improvements of the crop through breeding and early selection but will also contribute to our understanding of woody plant biology.

Visit JGI’s Phytozome Genomics Portal and the JBrowse Genome Track Browser


Shrub Willow Genomics Group:

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