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Visit the Willowpedia YouTube channel for a full list of videos.

Larry Smart talks about the willow breeding program at the Cornell Lake Erie Regional Grape Program, Portland, N.Y.


Time Warner Cable News: Researchers Provide Information Farmers Need to Improve Production, Quality of Crops

Gillibrand: $4.3 million program to support shrub willow energy crops in NY

Willow biomass boiler

Small Plot Willow Harvesting

Shrub willow harvesters

Anderson BioBaler willow harvester

Henriksson willow harvester

New Holland willow harvester

Stemster by Nordic willow harvester

New Holland FR Harvester

Tully Willow Harvest-CRL head

Shrub Willow Planting: Step and Egedal Energy planters

Planting willow cuttings – Frobbesta planter

Step planter

Improvement of woody biomass traits of shrub willow for renewable energy and biofuels: Michelle Serapiglia, post-doctoral associate, Department of Horticulture seminar series, October 31, 2011
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