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Shrub Willow Biomass Producer’s Handbook
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Cornell Bioenergy

The CALS Bioenergy Feedstock Project

The CALS Bioenergy Feedstock Project conducts research on the management and production of perennial grasses in New York, as well as extensive work with the Cornell Cooperative Extension to disseminate information on bioenergy.

Cornell University Renewable Bioenergy Initiative – (CURBI)

The Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station is in the design and feasibility phases of a state-of-the-art renewable bioenergy research and operations that will implement commercially available technologies along with Cornell-led technologies and utilize campus biomass resources.

Cornell Bioenergy Outreach & Extension

In collaboration with VVS High School faculty, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oneida County, and SUNY-ESF a demonstation field trial of shrub willow, sorghum, and switchgrass has been established and will be used for educating students in the VVS High School Ag program and provide biomass for production of heat and electricity for the school.

Larry Walker’s lab and the Biofuels Research Lab (BRL)

Larry Walker’s research and education activities are primarily focused on industrial biotechnology solutions to energy and environmental challenges.

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